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A Beginner’s Guide to Massage Therapy February 13, 2015

Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy around the world for many centuries. It promotes well-being by relieving muscle pain, reducing stress, and stimulating a serene feeling. It uses different techniques to press, rub, and manipulate the deep layers of our muscles and connective tissues using the hands fingers, forearms, elbows and feet. The different movements of the massage therapist Winnipeg can stretch the muscles, encourage blood circulation, and stimulate the nervous system while promoting relaxation.

A Brief History

massage therapist winnipegThe use of massage for healing purposes dates back to ancient civilization. However, there was a decline in patronage when prescription drugs and surgery became popular in healthcare management. As people realize the many side effects of medications, there has been an increase on consumer demand for a safe and drug-free alternative. Medical professionals and patients began to take notice of massage therapy as an alternative therapy. The therapeutic benefits of massage therapy are finally recognized by healthcare professionals to treat illnesses, chronic diseases, and conditions involving the muscle and skeletal systems. This has become an integral part of the healthcare industry.

Massage Therapy Techniques

There are different massage therapy techniques, each designed to target a specific goal. Here are some of the most common techniques in massage therapy.

  1. Swedish Massage – This is the one of the most popular massage therapy techniques and is recommended for patients who have not tried massage therapy before. It is characterized by firm but calming pressure that improves flexibility, blood circulation, and eases muscle tensions. With the use of massage oils, it employs long, smooth strokes, kneading of the muscles, and tapping across a client’s back to promote the release of tension.


  1. Deep Tissue Massage – This technique targets the deep layers of the body’s muscle and connective tissues. The techniques used in deep tissue massage are similar to Swedish massage but the strokes are slower, the pressure is more intense and massage oil is not typically used. This massage therapy technique helps relieve chronic tension, improve posture, and helps a patient recover from injury.


  1. Shiatsu – It is characterized by finger-pressure technique that uses the traditional acupuncture points of healing. It unblocks the flow of life energy to restore the balance in the different parts of the body. It brings about a sense of relaxation while stimulating blood circulation.


  1. Thai Massage – This technique aims to realign the energies of the body by using gentle pressure on specific points. It focuses on circulation and pressure points promoting internal health and muscular flexibility. For this technique to be effective, the patient must not tense up and fight the pressure of the therapist’s stroke. The physiotherapist Winnipeg must be able to freely manipulate the patient’s limbs to encourage blood flow.


  1. Sports Massage – This massage is specifically designed for people who are involved in strenuous activities but this does not mean that you have to be a professional athlete as people who are active and are often working out also use it. Its focus is in treating and preventing injury to enhance athletic performance.


With the health benefits of massage therapy, it is worth taking the time to find a licensed practitioner. The therapeutic benefits of massage therapy affect all the systems of the body. No wonder people are finding massage therapy helpful in so many ways.

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If You Read One Article about Canadian Healthcare Read this One March 4, 2013

Canada always rated badly on entree to treatment. Wait times were lengthier in Canada, especially in Winnipeg than in some of the other country for professional visits and optional operations. For being able to access healthcare after many hours, Canada was one of the bad countries. This bad efficiency has happened despite the government dedicated enormous amounts to decrease wait times and great opportunities by the regions. The waiting list money was extremely focused at particular services and that other countries have been capable to decrease wait times through starting intense targets for services and charges when the targets were not satisfied.

Canadian main care physicians had the cheapest usage of digital healthcare documents in their practices while important opportunities have been created to boost the amount of main treatment providers. In spite of significant assets, the bad consumption of digital health records in main treatment has happened. There was an inadequate funding in electronic medical records in Canada-wide, particularly in Winnipeg, that did not run from a cautious plan about how to accomplish benefits in all area causing a position where there are small pouches of physicians using electronic medical records that do not link in general. Considering the messy type of main treatment, the beginning of electronic health records is much more complex in main treatment, instead of the medical industry.

Canada had the couple of acute care beds for every people. Couple of Canadians in Winnipeg is being confessed to medical centers needlessly, which is a positive thing. Nevertheless, having less medical beds for really sick patients is a great reason of emergency department overcrowding, and the lenthy wait times for many operative treatments recommend that more hospital beds are required to take care of these treatments.

Nevertheless, considering medical times in Canada are presently started by patients who not any longer want acute care; this may not need the building of more medical beds. Expenditures in people and lasting treatment might assist the medical industry. It is an advantage that Canada has been in a position to manage with quite limited acute care beds and that despite the minimal amounts of beds; they are still not being utilized best. They do not have great services, making acute care beds as the exclusive slot in the storm for ill patients.


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Reasons Why the Family Physicians of Canadians Could Get You Sick May 6, 2012

Individuals of Winnipeg lingered hours to be observed in the emergency department, thus emergency room wait times is a regions where Canada is rated last while the Netherlands rated 1st on the record. Canadians do not have a regular physician or center based on the area. Some various aspects have added to the augment in individual wait times around Canada.

It is not only the lack of doctors, it is a scarcity of more health professional as the authorities do not have a domestic technique on ideas on how to well satisfy the requirements of the people in Winnipeg. To supply matched medical care nationwide, the governments have to come up with a strategy. Through making a nationwide intelligence center, other countries have resolved the problem that would attempt and prepare based on the requirements of the populace and they do not have that, thus regrettably they have quite fine various regions attempting to get at it on their own.

Canadians do not even have entree to main healthcare providers although there is apparently an excess of doctors in the country. Incorporating additional force to an exhausted healthcare program, a majority of these people finish in congested medical center emergency rooms. Plenty of people are ashamed to be there, however they say they have hardly any other spot to look simply because they do not own a family doctor or the doctor’s clinic is closed.

Canada can definitely fare better and spots to countries that have better digital health documents that keep an eye on visits and improve the program. However, it was not all terrible information. Canadians consent that all in all, the healthcare system functions very fine and just small modifications are required. Additionally, Canadians level their health as great or ideal.

To take home is the insufficient development in numerous locations of the healthcare system around Canada. Entree to treatment has not significantly enhanced and people are not stating that their treatment is better incorporated or more patient-centered although Canadians have more esteem in the healthcare system.


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