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The Most Expensive Diamond Jewelry In The World

Expensive diamond

Diamonds – To have this precious stone embedded in a piece of Jewelry is a dream for every almost every women/girl on this planet.  But the diamonds that we going see now aren’t the ones that a common girl would be wearing.

Here are some of the most expensive diamonds in the world.


The Koh-I-Noor is so pricey that even the experts couldn’t estimate its price value. The word Koh-I-Noor means mountain of light. Koh-I-Noor actually belongs the state of Andhra Pradesh from India. It is said that the precious one has found its place in most of the important kingdoms that ruled India. It is now a property of the British Crown and is in HM Tower London.

2.The Sancy Diamond

The Sancy is a 55-carat diamond. The price of the Sancy Diamond also cannot be estimated. It is a pale yellow diamond which belonged to the Mughals and has its origin from India. This Diamond is one of its kind because it the first one in the history to be cut with Symmetrical facets. The historic masterpiece is now kept in the French Crown Jewel collection, Louvre.

3.The Cullinan

The Cullinan Diamond which is 310675 carats has an estimated value of 400 million US dollars. It the largest rough quality gem ever found. After being polished, it was renamed as Cullinan 1 or Star Africa. It is one of the largest diamonds ever to be unearthed.

4.The Hope Diamond

The Hope is 45.52-carat diamond which weighs around 9.10 grams. The unique gem is now at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Washington, USA. The diamond looks blue normally, but it shines red under the ultraviolet light.

5.De Beers Centenary Diamond





The De Beers Centenary Diamond is 273.85 carats which are 54.77 grams. This diamond is classified D by the Gemological Institute in America. Classified D means it is of the highest grade when it comes to diamond. This is also the third largest diamond that has been produced by the De Beers Premier Mine.

6.The Steinmetz Pink

The Steinmetz Pink is a 59.60-carat diamond that weighs around 11.92 grams. It is the largest known diamond that has exhibited a fancy color like vivid pink. It was one among the displays in the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds.”

7. Wittelsbach Diamond

The  Wittelsbach Diamond is a 35.36-carat blue diamond which weighs 7.11 grams. The estimated price of the Wittelsbach Diamond is around 16.4 million US dollars. It has been part of both Austrian and Bavarian crowns. Its color clarity is often being compared to the Hope Diamond.

8.The Heart of Eternity

The Heart of eternity is a 27.64-carat diamond that weighs 5.52 grams. The Heart of Eternity displays a fancy vivid blue color.The heart of Eternity was cut by the Steinmetz before selling it to De Beers Group. It was actually found in a mine in Africa.